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Become a StoneStepper

Here are a few good reasons to join:

  1. Improve your performance with structured group training.
  2. Get coaching advice and fresh motivational and fitness information on a routine basis.
  3. Join with individuals sharing common goals of living healthier.
  4. Find training partners that will come our and train at odd times if and when you need to.
  5. Find training partners that at or neat your pace.
  6. Lastly, come get the StoneSteppers discount at Total Runner running store.


Membership Information

  • We  have nominal team membership dues ($35/yr) which we use for team race entries, post run snacks, birthday gifts, etc.
  • Membership dues do  not include our blue team uniforms, We currently wear royal blue uniform that say "Stonesteppers" on the front.
  • We have runner of the month or season by team vote.
  • Team discount on massages by Enid. For appointments call (313) 598-0330.
  • We hold bi-monthly breakfast team meetings.
  • After participating for a full month with the team you can become a member. To join click on the link below:

Membership Application (Disregard expiration date on the form)


Club Officers:

President/Coach - Michael Stone
Vice President/ Assistant Coach - Damon Fueri

Treasurer - Lynne Johnson
Website Author - Lynne Johnson

Social Committee:

Dawn King

Bettina Fueri

Michelle Smart






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